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Why Intilery?



Easily manage and utilise customer data in a low code environment and with minimum know how.



Build beautiful communications through drag and drop tools across every channel from email to print to Whatsapp.



Create dynamic journeys to streamline your customer’s experience and react to their interactions in real time.



Track successes, use AI to drive optimisations, and gain a single customer view. Insight at every level.

Our success stories

See what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience using our marketing automation platform.

“The Intilery platform has enabled Sky Betting and Gaming to achieve the holy grail of marketing.”

Ian Drake

Head of CRM and Analytics – SkyBet

“Intilery’s platform and responsive team have really helped us get to grips with data-driven decision making. The omni-channel Single Customer View and Data Planning System enable us to build customer centric journey plans that result in increased store footfall and higher revenues.”

Jason Tyldesley

CEO – Sofology

“The Intilery platform makes it possible for me to gain valuable insight on the behaviour of my potential and current customer base – as a result we’ve been able to gain competitive edge and drive incremental revenue.”

Andrew Booth

Chief Revenue Officer – Late Rooms

“We’ve been using the Intilery platform for a good while now and have found it a valuable tool for capturing customer behaviour and enabling us to respond (in real time if need be) across a number of channels to maximise our engagement with each customer to help drive conversion and retention.”

Grant Baillie

Head of CRM – Travelsupermarket

“Using the Intilery platform we have developed a robust attribution model through the provision of a multi-device and multi-channel single customer view. We can now attribute multi-currency revenue to email and other channel campaigns by taking into account the complete picture.”

Glenn Richardson

CEO – Fruugo

“Intilery has paid for itself multiple times over and we’ve not even scratched the surface in terms of what it can help us do.”

Simon Harrow

COO – iGO4

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